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Cohesive Elastic adhesive bandage is a type of Cohesive bandage or wrap that adhesive to itself but dose not adhere to other surfaces such as hair or skin. It is easily removed. It is normal for this type of bandage to be secured with some type of adhesive medical tape to hold it in place on the limb.

Features & Benefits:
Adheres to itself
Easy tear in both directions.
The special construction providing consistent, non-slip support.
Not stick to hair and skin
Light weight and porous structure, comfortable bandage, which aids skin breathability.

Holding IVs in place
General support and compression of safe tissue injuries.
Affixing monitors
Prophyaxis against sports injuries.
Edema control

These Cohesive Bandages are an economical solution for equine wounds and should be a staple in your first aid kit. Avalaible in a variety of colours.

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